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Individuals and Families

Our practice has been built around meeting the financial needs of the community members around us. We have a deep rooted history coaching and developing financial plans with union members, healthcare workers, doctors, salesmen, construction workers, retirees, teachers, engineers, college students, and more.

Whether you're an individual just beginning your financial journey, a family planning for children's futures, or an empty-nest couple looking forward to retirement, let us join your team. Our years of financial industry experience, product expertise, tax knowledge, and technical abilities will allow us to understand your particular situation, educate you on available options, and help you to determine the plan most suitable for you.

While we're based in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, we have a significant clientele base scattered all throughout the United States. With the ability to utilize phone and video-chat technologies, it's easier than ever to communicate concisely even in different towns, time zones, and states. So regardless of where you or your family are located, our team would be more than happy to join your team.

Small Businesses

Small Businesses

Pakos Wealth Management is a small business so we understand the risks and overwhelming amount of responsibilities small business owners have on their plates. In today's changing employment landscape it's more important than ever to take care of, retain, and help your best employees grow. 

Setting up and managing a retirement plan can be intimidating and seemingly difficult to understand. We're able to analyze your goals as a small business owner, business size, and financial situation to help us present you with the best retirement plan options for your business.

Some retirement plan options fit best for self-employed personnel while others are best suited for small businesses of different sizes. Let us join your team to help your business grow.

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